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I can't believe that Rio 2016 Paralympics are almost here! Rio has been at the front of my mind for the last four years - it has what got me to training on the cold, wet winter mornings!

Watching the Olympics has been amazing and has made it all so much more of a reality. Team GB has been amazing and seeing so many incredible performances has been really inspiring. It has also been great to see the performances of the other scholars who are in Rio. Everyone has worked so hard and performed so well.

My training over the last few weeks has gone really well. I have spent quite a bit of time training in Loughborough which has been really good. Neither of my personal coaches, Jonas and Julie have accreditation for Rio so Julie arranged for me to see Aston Moore, who will be helping me with my long jump in Rio, a few times which has been really helpful to get an idea of how we both work. I had my last session at Lee Valley with Jonas and Jules - I will train the rest of the week at home to keep travelling to a minimum before our big journey on Friday.

I am feeling in a good place. I feel well and I'm in good shape - I am feeling excited! My kit arrived last week and I love it! Rio looks amazing and it will be a real privilege to be part of it.

I am one of the first athletes from Team GB to head over to Rio. We leave ridiculously early on Friday morning for the training camp in Belo Horizonte. I then head to the village Rio on 4th September.

My events are:

100m heats - Thurs 8th Sept (eve)

100m final (hopefully!) -Fri 9th Sept

Longjump - Sun 11th Sept (eve)

4 X 100m relay - Fri 16th Sept (eve)

I am so lucky to have such a strong team around me. My family, friends and boyfriend who are always there for me. My amazing coaches Jonas and Julie Dodoo and all the Speedworks team. My sports therapists at Up and Running who keep me healthy. And of course Sky whose support In so many ways and belief in me has helped me to get to the point I am now. I really hope that I can make everyone proud!

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