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Message from Livvy! Toe woe in Tenerife - Sky Sport

Olivia Breen is finally back doing what she does best but it's been a testing couple of months.

The 19-year-old Paralympic sprinter is getting close to kicking off her outdoor season but it's been a frustrating few weeks for the Sky Academy Sports Scholar.

Olivia gives her latest thoughts having just returned from a sweaty and tough work-out overseas...

I was out in Tenerife again on a warm weather training camp for a few weeks after travelling with my family and some of my training group. It all went really well and was a very positive experience.

It's been a mixed time for me though after a very frustrating March as I had capsulitis under my big toe (Inflamed tissue around the joint). It meant I had to stop foot training for about four weeks which was so annoying.

The toe was aspirated and treated with a cortisone injection but even though it is a tiny part of my body it took a while to recover.

Olivia is working hard after injury forced her to put her feet up

I was getting really concerned about my training and even though I was still able to work out in the gym, pool and on the bike I couldn't stop worrying.

Fortunately, the toe is now better and I am back to full training. I have so enjoyed being able to run again and it's funny, but it almost feels as though I benefited from having a break and I have come back stronger.

My winter training went really well so I think this held me in good stead.

We also did time trials in Tenerife. I was really hoping to see improvements in my times since last season. I was feeling stronger and more powerful so I was optimistic. And I did OK! They were really positive and it was a great start to the year.

The sun and warmth in Tenerife really suits me. When it is cold my muscles stiffen more easily because of my cerebral palsy and my body works much more effectively in the heat.

We stayed in an apartment across the road from the track and the gym so life was really easy! There was no time or energy spent travelling so I felt much more refreshed.

Olivia gets stuck into a hefty weights session

I am so grateful to Sky. Being a Scholar means I can do things like the training camp which make such a difference to my training and well-being.

Rio has come around so quickly. I can't believe it is only a few months away. Before that, we have the IPC European Championships in Italy in June and selection for this is mid-way through May so I need to get qualifying jumps and times.

I'm hoping to start competing in my first competition on May 2 - so it's all very exciting!

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