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Warm Weather Training Tenerife January 2019

So after a lovely Christmas at home celebrating with family and friends I flew out to Tenerife for some warm weather training in the sunshine. It is so amazing to feel the sun at this time of the year. Having cerebral palsy means my muscles get much stiffer in the Winter so it’s really important for me to get some warmth.

The facilities in Tenerife for training are also excellent and everything is so close together and convenient. Having an opportunity to completely focus on training away from all the distractions at home is also really helpful. I am here with my coach and our training group and there are also quite a few of other British athletes over here which makes it good fun aswell.

It’s also been great being able to have Get Buzzing bars before and after training. I have been having some of the banana flavoured flapjack bars sprinkled on yogurt with some fruit for breakfast which is so delicious and a great way to start the day.

The training over here is intense and hard so it is really helpful to recover with Get Buzzing. My favourite flavour are mint choc ones which in addition to really helping recovery are absolutely delicious and feel like a real treat.

Anyway I hope everyone at home isn’t too cold - I hear it’s freezing!

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